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Pressure Washer Service and Repair Long Island

Long Island Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning Equipment Service and Repair

Pressure washers carry a big punch, turning a difficult cleaning task into a walk in the park. Don’t let dirt and debris pile up on your Long Island business. Call the professionals at Hard 2 Clean to fix your broken power washer or steaming equipment. We’re just a call or click away and can repair any power washer/steamer make or model, no matter where you bought it.

Even the best equipment needs regular maintenance and occasional service work. So, it’s good to know our Long Island service technicians are factory trained and certified and bring years of experience to the job. Our fleet of service trucks and detergent delivery trucks are fully equipped and radio dispatched. When the time comes that you need support, you’ll be glad you can rely on a proven local Long Island dealer.

You’ll also be appreciative that Hard 2 Clean technicians and installers are factory trained and certified. So give us a call today and speak to one of our experts to learn how we can help you with your pressure washer or steamer!

Long Island Sewer Jetting Equipment Service and Repair

Hard 2 Clean offers service for sewer jetting equipment. These pressure washers use high volume and high pressure to clear out sewer blockages. This can sometimes take a toll on the equipment. We can bring these machines back to life to help get your Long Island sewer service back on track.

Long Island Sewer Jetting Equipment Service and Repair
Airless Sprayers and Line Stripping Equipment Service and Repair

Airless Sprayers & Line Stripping Equipment Service and Repair on Long Island

One of the most common repair parts on an airless sprayer is the internal packings. When packings start to wear, often times your sprayer will have trouble priming and pushing paint to the gun. As this continues, your piston rod, cylinder and other internal parts will start to break down as well. Fortunately, our inventory is vast and our Long Island paint sprayer repairmen have the experience that you need to keep your sprayer in good working order.

Have line stripping equipment that needs repair on Long Island? Let us fix it for you! Our experienced repairmen will find where the problem is, and get it working like new. We are experienced with all brands of line stripping equipment so no issue is too big or too small for us. Let us repair your Long Island line stripping equipment so you can get your job done!

Site Evaluation, Installation, and Service of Long Island Filtration Equipment

As worldwide water resources become strained and the Green construction movement grows, the interest in wastewater recycling has grown exponentially on Long Island. Reusing rainwater, condensate, or graywater on-site can have significant financial and environmental benefits. But it is not without significant health and financial risk. The key is to work with a local Long Island partner who understands these risks and can provide complete technological solutions. With many years of experience on Long Island water reclamation systems, Hard 2 Clean is that partner. We offer:

  • Site evaluations.
  • Packaged, safe, turnkey systems for the recovery, storage, treatment, and delivery of reclaimed water to non-potable systems (including rainwater reuse).
  • Systems for capture and recovery of rainwater, condensate, graywater, backwash water, concentrate, groundwater, and process water.
  • Viable water supplies for irrigation, heating/cooling systems, toilets, water features, and processes.
  • Monitored disinfection/filtration systems using UV, ozone, and chemical injection technologies.
  • Qualified Long Island professionals to simplify system design, purchasing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • Knowledge and experience from hundreds of installations.
Site Evaluation, Installation, and Service of Filtration Equipment Long Island
Fabrication & Custom Installation of all Equipment in Long Island

Fabrication & Custom Installation of all Equipment on Long Island

Hard 2 Clean offers fabrication and custom installation of all equipment sold and serviced. Give us a call today and lay all your questions out on the table for our professional staff to easily and properly explain to you our process and procedures. Hard 2 Clean will work with you through the whole process to make sure you, as our customer, is 100% satisfied with our work from beginning to end and it meets all of the needs of you and your Long Island company.

We service all types & brands of pressure washers & steam cleaning equipment

– All types & brands of sewer jetting equipment including SpartanMongoose JettersUS Jetting and Harben.

-All types & brands of airless sprayers & line stripping equipment including, Mi-T-MTitan, and Graco.

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